Message from the President and CEO

President and CEO NAKAYAMA Toshiki

Just as the long-awaited launch of 5G (fifth-generation mobile communications system) has taken place, the necessity to prevent the spread of infectious diseases has pushed us into new ways of living. This has led to growing demand for remote services in diverse fields, from education and medicine to manufacturing and construction, as we stand at the threshold of an era defined by IoT.

The MIRAIT Group has built and sustained telecommunications infrastructure for more than 70 years, nurturing advanced technologies throughout its long history in such areas as telecommunications, civil engineering, construction, electricity, and power generation. Recently we have also been accumulating new technologies related to AI and DX. As engineering professionals, we will identify the needs of a changing society and leverage these technologies as our core assets to apply IoT, 5G, and energy management to the building and sustaining of new social infrastructure. As a provider of smart infrastructure, we will consistently meet stakeholder expectations with customer solutions and support for revitalizing regional communities, and from a perspective that transcends conventional constraints of business, service, and technology.

We welcome the attention of stakeholders as we confidently generate new value by addressing global and social needs to create a sustainable society.

June 2020

President and Chief Executive Officer
MIRAIT Holdings Corporation