Philosophy and Principles



The MIRAIT Way is an overarching document, which consists of the Basic Management Philosophy, Code of Conduct, and the Charter of Corporate Ethics of the MIRAIT Group.

Basic Management Philosophy

Realizing a Comprehensive Engineering and Services Company

As a"comprehensive engineering & services company," the MIRAIT Group will strive to fully utilize the management resources of its business companies and maximize its corporate value. At the same time, we will strengthen our competitive capabilities and enhance efficiency in each of our businesses and further strengthen our management foundation.

  1. 1.Strive to be a leading Japanese corporation that realizes the highest levels of customer satisfaction and trust as a "comprehensive engineering & services company" that continually creates new value centered on the field of information and telecommunications.
  2. 2.Contribute to the realization of an enriched and comfortable society by placing value on safety and quality and offering the highest level of services.
  3. 3.Continue to be an enterprise that coexists and mutually prospers with people and society as a company that fulfils its corporate social responsibility and always respects human beings.

Code of Conduct

  1. 1.Always deliver services that meet and exceed customers' expectations
  2. 2.Further enhance reliability and trust with our frontline capabilites
  3. 3.Take a step forward with wisdom and courage
  4. 4.Always follow the basic principle of integrity and fairness
  5. 5.Demonstrate strong teamwork to create a bright future

Charter of Corporate Ethics

Recognizing that thorough compliance with laws and regulations and maintenance of high ethical standards are integral to sound business activities, we formulated the Charter of Corporate Ethics of the MIRAIT Group in March 2011. The document specifies the basic policy on corporate ethics and the action guidelines for all executives and employees of the MIRAIT Group.

Charter of Corporate Ethics of the MIRAIT Group

  1. 1.Basic policy on legal and regulatory compliance
  2. 2.Basic policy on customers
  3. 3.Basic policy on shareholders and creditors
  4. 4.Basic policy on business partners
  5. 5.Basic policy on employees and workplace
  6. 6.Basic policy on society and the environment
  7. 7.Basic policy on the protection of personal information, customer information and intellectual property

The meaning behind our name

The meaning behind our name

We aspire to become a comprehensive engineering & services company which continues to grow with customers. We hope our metaphorical light of hope will shine brightly, illuminating the way ahead, and will continue travelling toward the future. Such aspiration is expressed in a simple and straightforward way in our corporate name, MIRAIT-the combination of MIRAI (future) and IT (information technology).

Corporate mark

MIRAIT Corporate mark

The three bold lines symbolize our Three Objectives. The gold arch stretching across the lines represents the global reach of our high-quality businesses. The overall mark forms the letter "M." The mark is a symbol that represents the direction of the MIRAIT Group, which is cultivating our "Mirai (future)."

Three Objectives

Corporate slogan

Comprehensive engineering & services company - Make you smile with MIRAIT: Mirai (future) + IT

This is the slogan to express simply and symbolically our corporate philosophy, business activities, and visions.
Directly using the two words, mirai (future) and IT, which are the origins of the corporate name MIRAIT, the slogan expresses our desire to create an even better society with our proprietary information and telecommunication technologies.
The word "smile" in the slogan represents a better future, expressing our desire that the MIRAIT Group will work together with customers, local communities, employees and all the other stakeholders will work together with the MIRAIT Group to create such a society in which everyone has a smile on their face.