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Specific Measures

Construction of wireless LANs

Today, a world without the Internet is almost unimaginable. The MIRAIT Group provides comprehensive support for networks of various sizes and purposes in Japan and abroad, ranging from the development of networks including selection, purchase, installation of devices and wiring to the operation and maintenance of the installed system.
For major convenience store chains, stadiums and various other places where many people gather, we construct Wi-Fi wireless LANs to offer comfortable access to the Internet.

Stadium Wi-Fi solution

A Wi-Fi environment with higher access point density has been built in the Seibu Dome baseball stadium to ensure spectators can enjoy consistent data communications even in large crowds.

Jointly provided by Seibu Lions, Seibu Railways, NTT-BP and Cisco Systems. By using a narrow beam directional antenna designed for stadium use and an advanced wireless resource management system, overall network performance is optimized in high-density Wi-Fi environments.

Experimental mobile satellite communications systems for times of disaster

In the event of a major disaster, telecommunications traffic surges due to the necessity of emergency calls and other contact, often making connection to telecommunications systems difficult. A mobile satellite communications system, which is currently under joint experiment by the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) and private-sector organizations, aims to ensure information (image, data, etc.) and telecommunications service in disaster-hit areas can cope with the high volume. The vehicles also can function as a Wi-Fi-based mobile base station. The MIRAIT Group participates in this joint project, developing the vehicle-mounted system.

Tsunami refuge towers

In the event of a large tsunami, a tall evacuation structure could save many lives. We constructed a three-story evacuation tower (evacuation floor: 8.0 m high above the ground) in Asahi City, Chiba. The top floor has an evacuation space of 50 m2, which can accommodate about 100 people. For structure calculation purposes, the space can withstand a weight load equivalent to about 400 people.